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Today's electronic age is supposed to make our lives easier...has it? That's a debate for another time. Our employers seem to think so but in all the mounds of data that they make available to us, is it friendly to our devices? Is is easy to get? Does it tell you what you need? Does it do what you want? Most of you can probably answer those questions.

That's where computer junkies like Ken and myself come in. We can sort through the bits and bytes and create order from kaos. You will find here products that give your schedule in ICal, Google, and Microsoft Outlook Calendar formats. Tools to help you import those calendars along with Fridge reports and Pocket reports. For Windows users we also have an auto downloader to get your scedule and automatically insert it into Oulook, at the press of one button and your FOB.

To find out more about these products have a look at:

Roster Products > Pilot Scheduling Tool
Roster Products > Boeing 777 Study Guide

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