Please note, all Infinidm products (Legacy) are phased out as of 30 Jun 2017. The Pilot Scheduling Tool is now the active Roster Tool.

The Infinidim Emirates Roster Project is an attempt to provide a more advanced, customisable roster service that is currently available from Ek. This includes a format compatible with import into various calendar programs (such as Outlook), as well as some PDF roster formats that can be printed out. Included in this is various cross-roster services such as looking up crew on flights, and more exposure of training related information to Instructors and Students. Outlook Rosters come in two Version : Standard and Plus.

PDF Roster Report. ( Training Sample , Line Sample ).

The PDF Roster Report is based on the Ek Roster report, but includes more detail. This enhanced detail includes bidding seniority, crew lookup and a label decode. I am working on a decode for my Roster Report and will post it here when it is done.

PDF Calendar Report. ( Sample ).

Some users don't use the Outlook Calendar. Thus they miss out on the detail that is included in the Calendar Excel/iCal file. This report prints that detail - but it takes a few pages to do it. I recommend this report only for those not using the Outlook Calendar.

PDF Fridge Report. ( Sample ).

The PDF Fridge Report is and entirely new format and is meant to go on the fridge at home for the family to work out when you're going to work, when you'll be back, and what number to call while you're away. The report also gives an indication of Dubai Time offset for Layovers ending away from Dubai. The Fridge report also attempts to identify Dubai (and a few other) public holidays.

PDF Training Labels Report. ( Sample ).

Labels are used by ACTS to identify duties which either give or renew qualifications, or are otherwise related to Training. These labels appear on the Ek report, but often aren't explained. Thye also appear on my Roster Report, and a decode of only those labels actually used is included at the bottom. However a complete report of labels can be attached to your regular Plus e-mail out. Note that if labels are changed, I force send out an updated labels report to each plus user in any case.

PDF Acts Duty Codes. ( Sample ).

Duty Codes appear on the Ek Crew Roster along with a Brief explanation. This list provides a reasonably up to date list of active ACTS Duty Codes and their explanations. When you sign on you will get this, and an update each month, if the Duty Codes Usage changes.

PDF Sim Duty Codes. ( Dubai Outstation ).

Sim Codes appear on the roster along with a brief explanation of what they mean. These two reports list all the Dubai and Outstation Simulator Duty Codes, along with Pickup Time, Duty Start/Stop and Sim Session Start/Stop (as well as Building Location) - Note ETC is the Airplane Building - EAC is the not-so-new building opposite the Irish Village, EACCT is the Brand New Training Centre beside the Airplane Building.

PDF Ground School Training Duty Codes. ( Sample ).

From January 2008, discrete duty codes are used in Ground School (instead of strings of GR). This reports lists all the codes currently in used.

PDF Ground Training Device Duty Codes. ( Dubai ).

From January 2008, discrete duty codes are used for days on groundschool when rostered into a training device other than a simulator (Fixed Base, FTD, FMS Trainer, etc.) This reports lists the codes currently in use. 

Layover Hotels.

Since the loss of the crew contact list, it's quite difficult to get access to a phone number for the Crew Hotels if you're not on the portal. Since I track them for the Fridge report anyway - I have created a report which lists the Hotels, phone numbers and the Dubai Time offsets. Please not a sample of this report is not available here for security reasons.

Roster List Report. (NEW) .

The Roster List report gives an overview of a list of crew (any fleet, any rank). Select a group of crew who share a common purpose, and a report can be generated that list all the rosters of this group of crew. An example would be a club of pilots who windsurf together - by selecting the other members of the group, each month you can receive a single report that lists the rosters of the entire group. Note also that multiple groups can be established for a single subscriber. Sample here . Note that the report is designed to print off in A3. You can set Acrobat to change to A4 but the print is quite small (although still usable). Please provide a list of crew in the format LastName, FirstName, Staff Number.

Roster List Trips Report. (NEW) .

The Roster List Trips report gives a a list of crew who have all be rostered with a particular Trip Number (flight number departing Dubai) in the month. It's most useful when looking for a swap - so if you are trying to swap onto a EK404 DXB/SIN/MEL/SIN/DXB flight each month - this report lets you see who has them. By default this report excludes those Trips taken by Training, but these can be included as well. Sample here . Note that the report is designed to print off in A3. You can set Acrobat to change to A4 but the print is quite small (although still usable). Sample here .

CrewList Files.

CrewList is the re-incarnation of the lost Ek Contacts files. As part of your Infinidim Rosters Plus package, you can have sent the latest version of the PDF and XLS files to your inbox. Specify in User Preferences what versions you would like (PDF : CrewList by Name, CrewList by Fleet, CrewBook and/or XLS Normal or XLS MATE.) You can have one or all sent, although I recommend you pick one PDF and one XLS format, the e-mails get pretty big if you get all of them each month. Instructions on importing the CrewList into Outlook can be found here .

Pairings Reports.

The default pairings format that appears in the CRS bidding system is somewhat archaic. I developed a number of years ago a Pairings Document that is easier to read. When we shifted to CRS Pairings, I updated it into two formats. Thus there is a set of files for each fleet (3) times the number of basic format (WeekDay or MonthDate). The sample below is the WeekDay format. Have a look at User Preferences for further details. This document can also be used to Identify Pairings that include a Variation.

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