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Posted: 23-Sep-2010

There have been some recent changes to the CrewRosters Service which require your input.

Note : Please do not reply to this e-mail address. General questions to

In Short.

Please log in and update your Options for the following settings.

- Villa Name (short name useful for other crew to identify your geographical location for pickup co-ordination)

- Flight Pickup Time Decrement (HH:MM prior to flight departure time that you are picked up)

- * Villa Geographical Location (Use to calculate pre/post 07:30 pickup times for Simulator & Ground Duties)

- * Instructor Grade (If appropriate, please choose one of TRI, TRE, etc)

- Note that Pickup Times for Flight Events are based on Flight Departure Time (Not Duty Sign On)

- Note that Pickup Times for Non-Flight Events are based on Duty Sign On Time – including Simulator Sessions

- All Duty Start/Pickup times for Ground Training must be cross checked against My Mint on the Crew Portal.

* These are new.


As a result of the recent change to Crew Pickup Times for Ground and Simulator Duties, we have made some changes that will require you to update your preferences at Crew Rosters. Effective with the October Rosters, Pickup Times will be calculated in according with the Ground School/Simulator pickup time decrements published for the various regions around Dubai. With the demise of the Crew Contact List, we have also added the provision for subscribers to nominate their Instructor Grade.

In order to correctly calculate pickup times, we need all crew to log into and update their user Options to select the location of your villa. It’s probably worthwhile at this point to clarify the use of all the location/pickup time options:

Villa Name:

- Used to identify to other crew the name of your villa complex to assist in predicting pickup order.

Flight Pickup Time Decrement:

- Used to calculate the pickup time prior to Flight Sked Departure time.

Ground Pickup Location:

- Specify your geographical Location according to the Flight Operations notification for Simulator/Ground School Pickup pre/post 07:30 am.

Then: Once you’ve done these settings – scroll down the bottom and click to Save your settings. Then check the Ground/Sim Pre/Post 07:30 pickup times decrements are correct for your location.

This is a change in several areas of the system so while we’re hopeful all will go well, there are bound to be a few teething problems – as usual we are all care but no responsibility for your roster data – please check your original roster and ensure the data is correct.

Problems of questions? Contact us at

Run Process Changes:

A final reminder that we have changed the runtime process of the rosters. Once the first rosters come in after the 20th we will commence daily roster runs to build your rosters. Because only a few rosters will be in the database at this point, the level of detail of other crew rosters will be necessarily limited, but for those who want their rosters early, this is a necessary evil. We will do a complete re-run of all received rosters 2 days prior to the commencement of the roster. If you log in and download your roster on the day before the period commences you will get the most complete version of your roster in terms of cross crew roster lookups.

The Future

As you may well know we lost access to complete roster data several months ago, forcing us down the road of the current less than satisfactory solution. We are still attempting to restore full roster access – we’ll keep you posted as to any progress we make in this regard. Additionally we are now testing a process to strip the rosters from the crew portal. If we go ahead with this, it will result in a significant increase in service – including live rosters – but will not be as efficient as would be the company providing us with a roster feed, which we are still working towards. Again – keep an eye on the news on CrewRosters.Com for updates.

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